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Interview with Velour 100

This interview was conducted electronically between jordan of The Translator, and Trey Many of Velour 100 on Monday October 5, 1998:

Q: For the reader who isn’t familiar with Velour 100, how would you describe your music?

A: i would say that our music is quiet pop... little bits of spacey noise here and there.... etc.

Q: Your second project “Of Color Bright” has been out in stores for quite a few months now. Is there a new project in the works? If yes, will there be as many cameo appearances as there was in “Of Color Bright?”

A: we are working on new songs right now, and we plan to use only one or two singers that, as far as i know, have never recorded with any other bands

Q: Sydney from Tooth & Nail label mates Morella’s Forest contributed her voice on the single “Bittersweet.” Did she contribute to the album creatively?

A: not really... she pretty much sang the melodies that i wrote. her voice fit the songs she sang perfectly... i couldn't imagine recording bittersweet or toledo with someone else

Q: You co-starred your first album “Fall Sounds” with Amon Krist. However, she is not involved on “Of Color Bright.” What happened to Amon?

A: amon always wanted to pursue a serious career in art history. in order to make that happen, full time school, internships, and travelling abroad became necessary. it didn't make sense for us to work together if our goals were so different, so we decided to part ways. i just received an e-mail from her last month. she spent her summer in italy working and studying art. i think she's almost done with school, and i think that she's been pursuing a job or an internship at the detroit institute of art

Q: You’ve been working with a band called “His Name Is Alive.” Who are they, and are you still involved?

A: his name is alive is a band from livonia on a label from england called 4AD. h.n.i.a.'s latest album, "fort lake" will be released in the usa on november 3rd. i play drums on three or four songs on this album. i've also recorded on a few songs on their last two records, and i play live with them from time to time, but not on the short tour they are doing this november with komeda.

Q: The lyrics on “Of Colors Bright” are intensely visual. It seems you put into words and pictures to the very feeling of being totally emersed in the presence of God (like on the song “Clouds”). What do you do to come up with these pictures and thoughts?

A: i don't know how i come up with the images... i usually sit with my notebook and write sort of free form words as quickly as possible, then edit later when trying to fit them into a melody.

Q: You write most of the lyrics to Velour 100 songs, but is there involvement from the rest of the band musically?

A: on fall sounds, there was no band... just me and amon. on of color bright, i came up with chords and arrangements, then worked out parts with jeremy and matt in practice.

Q: What is your greatest frustration about being involved in the Christian music industry?

A: i don't like being associated with most other christian bands. most of the music released in the christian market is not really the kind of thing i like listening to, and it seems like the things i like least are the most popular. when people that aren't familiar with the christian market or our music find out that we are christians, they usually assume that we sound like the few christian musicians they have heard, which usually works against us.

Q: What is your greatest joy about working with being in the Christian music industry?

A: well, on the other end of the spectrum, there are a handful of christian musicians that i do respect. playing in the christian market has given me the opportunity to meet and in some cases, become friends and even work with those people. pedro the lion, damien jurado, joy electric, etc... these are all bands / individuals with hard working and talented songwriters that also happen to be great people. i don't think i would have met them if not for our association with christian music.

Q: To end on a lighter note, did you know that Trey in french (spelled tres) means very. Tranlated your name can mean ‘very many.’ Was this intentional?

A: no. trey is a nickname that means three in cards. it is common for boys in the south to be called trey if they are the third. my family name is french, and it used to be spelled magny. the silent "g" was eventually dropped

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